Each person is unique.

We are conditioned to think that if we only get stronger or use more effort then we will always function at a higher level. Not necessarily so. Using the “tools” of curiosity, intention, movement, breath, and attention in a non-judgemental and playful environment we can begin to understand and realize our potential.

As intelligent human beings we have the capacity to increase our flexibility and balance, decrease our pain and dysfunction, become more graceful and elegant, regain our vitality and improve our posture. The ability to accomplish this through movement is Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ genius.

Whether we participate in Awareness Through Movement group lessons or Functional Integration private lessons the process is movement. Participants remain fully clothed and are encouraged to honor their habitual patterns of movement. Often, these old patterns of movement do not serve us. But they are us. When we begin from a place of honoring them, we are able to invite curiosity into the process of movement and realize that our nervous system is intrigued by new, more efficient patterns at this experiential level.

The quality of movement is often overlooked while the quantity of movement is over emphasized in our society. This unique method invites us into the process of movement. We can be automatic and habitual or dynamic and present. It’s our choice.