Coherent Touch Testimonials

What a great relaxed weekend full of enlightening new ideas

Amber W.

Henry presented in a playful manner which enabled students to explore, engage and experience the ‘Aha moment’ of inner growth. He are a born instructor!!! I felt at ease in his class and he provided an open environment for learning. I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more from Henry

Kim L.

Henry Cloud is a wonderful and gentle teacher who really conveys the sacredness of bodywork and body awareness which is foundational to transformation.

Eve M.

The openness in class, the positive way the information was presented was connected and inspiring.

Christine T.

Actually I didn’t know what to expect, but for my time and money it was most definitely worth it. I will certainly use what I gained from Coherent Touch as a tool in my practice. That to me is success. Applying these principles to my practice, as well as my daily life, are sure signs of a successful learning experience.

Lisa V.

For me, Henry’s massages are the gold standard. Deep, focused and restorative from the first moment to the last. They have changed my sense of what massage can (and should) be. In addition his manner is warm, respectful, and relaxed and his schedule is very accommodating.

B. Clarke

Henry is a cheerful, easy going, and accessible man. He receives each person on their own terms without judgement.  I see Henry primarily for Feldenkrais and Craniosacral and find that his approach is truly healing. Body, mind, and soul are not separate entities. They are all expressed and accessed through the body. Henry’s quality of intent and experience touches all levels.

Tanya L.

Today I can again lie in bed comfortably, climb stairs, and even work in my home garden. As a person, Henry is warm and kind but very professional. His hands on treatments will not alter the fact that I am 85 years old, but his treatment makes the aging process much more enjoyable and pain free.

Donna H.