Therapeutic Massage

Touch Research Institute and the Medical Universities of Harvard, Duke, and Miami conducted extensive studies that show the positive effects of massage therapy go beyond what was previously thought. Among the conditions that are positively affected are: Anxiety and stress Alzheimer’s Anorexia Arthritis Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD] Blood pressure stabilization Bulimia Cancer Chronic Fatigue Cerebral … Continue reading Therapeutic Massage

Cranial Sacral

The craniosacral system is one of the most exquisitely designed systems of the human body. It is comprised of the cerebral spinal fluid (csf) and the membranes that support the integrity of the brain and spinal cord. These membranes, called dura, are anchored by the cranial bones, the vertebra, and the sacrum. The best explanation … Continue reading Cranial Sacral


Each person is unique. We are conditioned to think that if we only get stronger or use more effort then we will always function at a higher level. Not necessarily so. Using the “tools” of curiosity, intention, movement, breath, and attention in a non-judgemental and playful environment we can begin to understand and realize our … Continue reading Feldenkrais®

Lymphatic Therapy

The importance of a healthy lymph system cannot be overstated. As one of the least understood systems of the body, it’s proper functioning is fundamental to optimal health. Effective lymph therapy is very gentle touch that follows a specific protocol of direction and timing. The lymph system is composed of the following: Organs: Thymus, liver, … Continue reading Lymphatic Therapy