The Course

This two-day workshop is geared towards creating advanced skills for massage therapists and body workers. It would also be applicable for physical therapists and occupational therapists.

Through this workshop you will increase self-awareness and appreciate your body as a dynamic system that is ever changing. You will have an introduction to the Feldenkrais® Method, as well as other somatic disciplines. You will be moving with the qualities of intention and attention in present time and experience new ways of engaging gravity and refining  your sense of touch. The goal of this course is to discover how to work with more efficiency, less effort and prolong your career.

My interest in teaching stems from a career of over 27 years as a body worker that has given me so much for so long.  It is time for me to give back to my profession and offer a helping hand to my colleagues.

Day One:
You will be experiencing Awareness Through Movement Lessons, ie, doing the inner work on your self. Please wear warm comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and blanket. You will be moving around the room, lying, rolling and sitting on your mat, as well as sitting in chairs. This is a time to be curious and playful. This is not a time to be judgmental of yourself or others. In the words of Marcel Proust…….”True discovery comes not by looking for new landscapes but in looking with new eyes”.

Day Two:
Please bring your massage table, sheets, and blanket. Bringing your new skills from day one you will be exchanging work with your partner. I will be inviting you to wear your “hat of curiosity” as you further fine tune your touch. When you pay attention to the intelligence of your body as you work on your partner you will begin to notice the quality of your work will improve.  Your partner will notice too.

Each day will be 7hrs which includes a 1 hr lunch break.

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